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Updated: Oct 18, 2023



A registration concession has been provided to veteran and vintage vehicle owners since the 1950s. The concession was extended in the 1970s to also accommodate 'classic historic' vehicles, that is, those built at least 30years ago. The veteran, vintage, classic and historic concession was reviewed in 1998 and has since been referred to as the Special Interest Registration Concession Scheme. The Department of Transport and Main Roads has set out a guide of requirements for registering vehicles and explains the conditions under which the scheme operates. Registered operators of special interest vehicles should be familiar with the conditions of use as outlined with this guide and ensure that anyone driving the vehicle is also familiar with these conditions. Failure to comply with the conditions of the Special Interest Vehicle Scheme is an offence and serious consequences may result.


You will need to follow the standard registration procedures for a vehicle as well as completing a Vehicle Registration Concession Application (form F3937) and provide the following documentation as proof of eligibility:

Club Membership: Evidence of current membership with a Queensland incorporated vehicle club or association must be provided at the time of application for the concession. Vehicles must be registered in the name of the club member.

Historic vehicle and dating certificate: A dating officer of a Queensland incorporated vehicle club must inspect the vehicle to certify the vehicle's authenticity and year of manufacture, that is, no structural modifications have been made that would deem it as manufactured at the date it was modified. The certificate must be on club letterhead documentation and include the chassis number or vehicle identification number.

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