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Club Memberships

Hi everybody hope you all have a safe Merry Christmas and happy and prosperous New Year. We have had a good year with the next being even better so this is a good time to remind all that the club membership renewals are due on the 1st January 2024. These can be paid either through the web site or a direct deposit into the club bank. If doing the direct deposit please use your surname or club membership number as a reference. Don't forget to keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming events

Club Bank details are;

Mini Owners Club of Queensland

BS&B 124 026

Acc. No. 10187063

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Much prefer hard copy magazines May cost $ but that’s what our fees should be still covering.

01 févr.
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Thankyou John for your feedback. Yes we are saving money by not having a printed magazine, however, when we were printing the magazine we were limited by the amount of club supported events ie; Club BBQ's, Xmas Parties, and club give aways. These benefits go right across all groups in MOCQ. Now that we have gone to electronic magazine we are able to give back to members which is what the club is about.


Dave Townsend

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