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The MOCQ is an active member of the Queensland Department of Transport Special Interest Vehicle Scheme. This enables Club members to seek concessional registration for their eligible cars.

There are restrictions that apply to the use of vehicles registered under this scheme and these and further information can be found on Department of Main Roads and Transport’s web site here .

There is an Area Inspection Officer in most of the regional areas.

MOCQ Area Inspection Officers will only provide dating certificates for club eligible vehicles i.e. Minis, Mokes and BMC Orphans.

The process for obtaining a dating certificate is

  • The Owner of the vehicle downloads the MOCQ Dating Form from the website (or obtains a copy from their Group Captain). They complete the appropriate areas and present the form with the vehicle to the Area Inspection Officer. 

  • The AIO will inspect the vehicle, and verify the details have been recorded correctly, certify that the year of manufacture is correct and authenticate that the vehicle is in its original condition (NB. Period modifications only are acceptable) and then complete the areas required and return the form to the owner.

  • The owner will then provide the form to the MOCQ Dating Officer together with the required fee. The Dating Officer will complete the form and confirm membership and other requirements have been met and return the completed form to the owner.


The owner can then complete the registration process with the TMR as usual.


Alternatively - If the owner can provide a copy of a current or past Registration Form that shows the car is over 30 years old according to the TMR records then the club will provide a letter which will include the details required by TMR and confirmation that the applicant is a club member and this can be used by the applicant to complete registration. To issue this letter the club will require copy of the current registration form to be provided.

Make Application here .


For additional information contact Queensland Transport on Aust 1800 177 332 or Brisbane 13 23 80  

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