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Show and Shine Winners 2023 Mini Muster

Congratulations to all Winners

Result of the Show and Shine 2023 Mini Muster

Class Position Winner Sponsor

Morris Mini 850 Winner Laurence Taylor Forbes Batteries

Morris Mini Deluxe/Mini K Winner Darren Duffield Shannons

Morris Mini Deluxe/Mini K Runner Up Madeleine Ryan Shannons

Morris Cooper Winner Joe Tate Bowdens

Morris Cooper Runner Up Peter Walsh Bowdens

Morris Cooper S MK 1 Winner Ian Gillam Memorial Trophy

Morris Cooper S MK 1 Runner Up David Beake Shannons

Morris Cooper S MK 2 Winner Robert Chapman Shannons

Morris Cooper S MK 2 Runner Up Alison Rapsiarda Shannons

Mini Van/Station Wagon/Ute Winner Mark Cunningham Read Speed

Mini Van/Station Wagon/Ute Runner Up Keith Gould Read Speed

Leyland Clubman Winner Matt Hart Bowdens

Leyland Clubman Runner Up Tony Hancock Bowdens

Leyland Clubman GT Winner Steve Neale Glen Carpenter Mini Mart

Moke Winner Louie Meiring Read Speed

Leyland/Rover Mini 1980-2000 Winner San Bonaventura Bowdens

Leyland/Rover Mini 1980-2000 Runer Up Jeff Black Bowdens

Extreme Mini (Modified) Winner Geoff Morgan Bowdens

Morris Minor/1000 Winner Paul Hamer Shannons


MINI R50/53 Series Winner Brett Nosse Motorline MINI Garage Garage

MINI R50/53 Series Runner Up Jane Clarkson Motorline MINI Garage

MINI R56 Series Winner Daniel Osborne Motorline MINI Garage

MINI R56 Runner Up Carmen Broderick Motorline MINI Garage

MINI R50 Series Winner David Mann Motorline MINI Garage

MINI R 50 Series Runner Up Tara Motorline MINI Garage


Moke Winner Scott Norman MOCQ


Rocker Cover Junior Winner Gabe Mantis MOCQ

Rocker Cover Junior Runner Up Hannah(Blue and White Cover) MOCQ

Rocker Cover Senior Winner Glen Carpenter MOCQ

Rocker Cover Senior Runner Up David Perkins MOCQ

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