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Monte Run

Updated: Feb 12

Tickets are now available for the Monte run starting on the 23rd August 2024. The run is planned for three nights and 4days. There will only be a limited number of tickets available so best get in early to save disappointment.

As the birth of the Mini and also the Mini Owners Club are celebrating 65 year and 25 year anniversaries respectively the club is looking at making it a year to remember. We are looking at doing a Monte Run in August around the weekend of the 25th, with the idea of spending two to three nights away. The trip will take us into NSW North Coast area with day drives through the Hinterland and stopping at places of interest. These details are nowhere near finalised, but what I am asking is for people to purchase their tickets via the web site. There is a $50 deposit for the run and all of this deposit money will be used during the run. I will further information on the accommodation as I know more. Once I find out if there is enough interested people I will then go and organize accommodation and scenic runs. Obviously there is a lot to be done to make this happen so I do need a reply as son as Possible. If also you have any ideas of your own please contact me via e-mail to thesecretary@miniownersclub, or phone me on 0437 200 503.

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