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Care for Kids Charity

Brisbane Group have offered to help the charity Care Kits for Kids, a local Brisbane charity group who put kits together for kids who have been taken out of a life where abuse is common for them. These ladies under the guidance of Stephanie Hinrichs, co founder of the organisation, work hard to assemble the kits from donations from the public, which they rely on, as they receive no government funding. What they are asking for are the simple every day items that are are listed below on their flier.

The Brisbane Group of the MOCQ have gotten on board with these ladies and are doing charity events to help. We are also at our monthly meetings started to hold raffles, not only a fun thing for our meetings, but all proceeds will go to the charity. At the upcoming Muster in there will be boxes around the grounds where people can leave a donation.

So please help if you can.

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