Mini Owners Club Inc Queensland


 10th March 2020

           2019 MINI MUSTER

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 2019 Car of the Show

Michael Taylor

2019 Club Person of the Year



The Mini Owners Club Inc Queensland is happy to invite mini enthusiasts, owners, want to be owners and anyone else who is interested in the proud tradition of the mini to come and join us .  With several localised groups in Queensland, Australia, the Mini Owners Club Inc Queensland supports it's members through the sharing of valuable knowledge, club runs, BBQs, mini shows and regular get togethers.

With around 350 members, the Mini Owners Club Inc Queensland is growing from strength to strength. Check out our website and become an active member, we would love to see you on board.  Membership Application form here

Please feel free to contact us using the About Us page should you require more information.

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SEPTEMBER 8th Mini Muster Photos

July 28th - Pomona King of the Mountain Festival

  July 14th - Morgan Park Raceway

July 14th - RACQ Motorfest

June 1st - Old Pertie Town steam Fair

 June 1st - Wintersun Murwillumbah (GC)

 May26th Ballina Naval Museum (GC)

 May 18th & 19th - David Hack Classic(Twmba)

May 4th - Hoist Day at Classic Car Clinic(GC)

April 25th - Anzac Day Run (SC)

April 14th - Rememberance Run

 March 31st - SC Easter Egg Hunt

February 17th - Trish & Daryl's Relaxing Run  

February 10th -- GC Panorama Motorcycle Museum

January 27th -- Australia Day BBQ

January 26th - SC BBQ Breakfast & Buderim Street Parade

December 16th - SC Xmas Party

Date Claimers
 Jan. 19th
      Australia Day Bar-B-Que
  Mar. 10th        Annual General Meeting