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1967 Morris Mini Deluxe

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1967 Morris Mini Deluxe, suit project - but more or less complete.
998cc engine fairly standard other than extractors and alternator.
Runs ok, brakes and suspension ok.
Has been covered in garage for 11 years
Upholstery in good condition
Few spots of rust inc in back gutter, sills, damage to drivers door (see pic)
Unregistered. Odometer reads 69K - not sure how many times it has wound over!
Spares thrown in including most of an 1098cc motor, original steering wheel.
Price: $ 6000
Phil Reid

Rochedale South
eMail: philreid83@gmail.com
1967 Morris Mini Deluxe

Mutiple Minis & Parts

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’76 Clubman just out of rego, ’63 Mini inc. all upholstery, ’70 Mini.

Lots of spare parts inc. 3 sets upholstery, 5 motors, 10 doors, 3 subframes, set alloys, radiators, bumpers, glass, hubs, rims, suspension parts etc etc Plus boxes of other parts.

Price: We do not want to split this sale, so please make an offer as a package lot.
Allan Andrews

eMail: barb.andrews1951@gmail.com
Mutiple Minis & PartsMutiple Minis & Parts

1978 Leyland Mini 1275LS

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1978 Leyland Mini 1275LS
Hi Ho Silver, 1275 Twin Carb.
Believed to be in the last 50 built.

7 year project.

New paint, new interior, new brakes, no oil leaks, new water pump, new fan belt. Electric sun roof. Minilite wheels, good rubber.

Registered to 12th August 2015.

Asking $15000 ONO.
Price: $ 15000
Geoff Rice

Cooloola Cove
eMail: geoff.linda1275@bigpond.com
1978 Leyland Mini 1275LS

Double Ender Mini

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Double ended mini as a rolling shell.

Needs restoration in all areas.

Located in Toowoomba.
Price: $ 300
Stevon Ireland

eMail: slireland@optusnet.com.au
Double Ender Mini

2 Sets Prestige Number Plates For Sale

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For Sale Prestige Number Plates

one set of "COOPA S" number plates
one set of "S WORKS" number plates.

Asking $5000 each set - Negotiable.
Coburn, David
eMail: sdcoburn@bigpond.com
2 Sets Prestige Number Plates For Sale2 Sets Prestige Number Plates For Sale

1293 Engine/Gearbox

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1293 engine/gearbox used power unit:
-Belt drive. Kent 286 cam, Keith Dodd high lifters. Ported with Rimflo valves.
-1293cc based on standard 1300 bottom end, balanced.
-Orange plate on Mini Spares lightened flywheel.
-Gearbox GT close ratio, COPU, twin pin diff, pot jointed.
-Aldon dizzy, Howley inlet with HIF 44, Brownrigg LCB, KAD quickshifter.
gearbox requires new synchros and reapir to sump plug. Recommend engine to be freshened up.

Will not break up.
Price: $ 2400
Patrick Williamson

eMail: rmini1@optusnet.com.au

1977 GTS Mini Sedan

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1977 GTS Mini sedan

This car is a South African import with all papers and reports. 1275 worked motor, twin carbs, extractors, oil cooler, disc brakes front, fluted drums rear with full adjustable back suspension,mags, brand new tyres 12", extended fuel tank, no exterior door hinges, good interior, press button door handles, full glass wind up windows (no quarter glass), full wooden dash with guages. Receipts for $7000 spent on the car prior to shipping, car drives well. Selling as is with very little for RWC no rego.
Price: $ 8900
Dave McGregor
Wynnum, Brisbane
eMail: dabill2@outlook.com
1977 GTS Mini Sedan

BMW Twin Cam Head

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BMW twin cam LT 16v head with OEM fuel rail/itb's.
Price: $ 1400
Patrick Williamson

eMail: rmini1@optusnet.com.au

For Sale: Mini Cooper “S” Class Nb race car & Spares

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Price for car $18000. –

This car was built from scratch as an Nb race car with parts sourced from all over. No two parts ever left a Mini factory together to my knowledge!! This way no priceless relic was debased to make another race car. It is correct in every aspect and no cheating ‘go fast’ modern engine parts or ‘light bits’. She was created with the help of local Mini Guru’s and others whose help and humour was much appreciated.
We have had lots of great track days together with lots of great mates but now it is time to part company, albeit with a tear.

The motor is crisp with 80 psig oil pressure, with nothing in the catch tank and should do another season without trouble. Keep it under 8!

She is fitted with a 45DCOE Webber, CR box, Sayers Slippery Diff, Advans front and Formula R on the rear with adjustable shocks. Runs on Avgas.

Open to reasonable offers on the extensive range of spares.
I am sure there are many in the club who could make use of some of the stuff.

Guy Vickerman

More information can be found at http://www.miniownersclub.com.au/images/documents/Miscell/vickerman4sale.pdf
Price: $ 18000
Vickerman, Guy
eMail: jenguyvick@gmail.com
For Sale: Mini Cooper “S” Class Nb race car & SparesFor Sale: Mini Cooper “S” Class Nb race car & Spares

850 Mini for Sale

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The car is a standard 850cc with the original engine number as shown on the plate. The engine was reconditioned about 10,000 km ago is using no oil and is running very sweetly. It has sliding door windows (not winding windows) and the rear number plate bracket is hinged so that the number plate is still visible when the boot lid is open. It still has the old dynamo and the positive earth electrical system. It still has the old-style speedo cowl.

It comes with a set of standard wheels and tyres as well as a set of minilite wheels.
It is still running on the roads and is registered up to January 2015.
Price: $ 8000
Bell, Peter
eMail: bellpeter63@gmail.com
850 Mini for Sale850 Mini for Sale

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